Fonts for apps that add appeal, on the move and on the smallest screens

With users, downloads and revenue dollars measured in the billions, the app development industry is furiously competitive. Big-name app developers slug it out with everyone from industry leaders to garage entrepreneurs and hobbyists. Thought of a new idea for an app? There’s already 20 that do the same thing.

But you’ve got a secret weapon. Being informed about type can give you an edge, whether you’re developing your first app or creating a consistent user experience across multiple apps and platforms. It’s an element of design that many developers neglect to their detriment. The right choice of fonts will add punch to your product’s personality and branding, improve the user experience, and make it a better fit for new markets and languages.

With apps for every type, you need type for every app

Faced with a crowd of rival apps all bidding for our attention, we’re drawn to the ones with character — character that fits with what we want to do, whether that’s keeping on top of CRM, tracking a flight or going head-to-head with aliens. Apps need to pack personality to stand out, and there are fonts to convey professional, powerful, exciting, eccentric and every shade in between. Pair up your high-personality font with a sensible sans-serif for blocks of text and instructions to create a user experience worth returning to.