Like a new concrete bridge crossing the autobahn, DIN Next™ Slab brings a sturdy, square serif to the font family that has its roots in the German road sign system. With 14 new fonts, all inspired by the classic German DIN 1451 typefaces, its industrial heritage makes it surprisingly versatile for a wide range of design applications.

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Meet the designers

Akira Kobayashi

With a background in art and calligraphy, Akira has designed several award-winning typefaces, typically Latin fonts, though he studied and began his type design career in his native Japan. He worked in Japan at Sha-ken, Jiyu-kobo, TypeBank and taught at Nihon Designer Gakuin before becoming Monotype’s Type Director in Germany. In addition to designing retail fonts, Akira has led important custom font projects for Sony and UBS.

Sandra Winter

Sandra is a German typeface designer and graphic artist. After training in advertising, she earned two degrees: One in communication design and one in typeface design. Sandra is currently based in Frankfurt am Main, where she divides her time between designing typefaces and designing with typefaces. She also worked with Akira on the development of the Avenir Next Rounded typeface family.

Tom Grace

A native of Boston, Tom is a typeface designer and font engineer with a diverse background in health sciences, web development and visual design. He honed his lettering and typography skills at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Reading. His background in science informs his thorough and precise approach, and his persistent curiosity about nature continues to be a main source of inspiration.

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