High quality text to your screens, in many of world's most spoken languages.

Putting text on screen is a demanding business. It’s all about converting individual characters into pixels, preserving their legibility so that text remains easy to read — and delivering them in a matter of milliseconds.

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The iType font engine is a flexible font rendering solution optimized for efficiency and speed that renders characters on screen with absolute clarity. Embedded in products, the iType font engine is a piece of software that requires only minimal space and is easily integrated, so it doesn’t slow anything else down, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices.


Power of scalable type. Screens of any size.

You need a font engine that you, your customers, and your users can rely on – no matter what device you put in their hands.


Legibility at any scale

Scalable, legible fonts, even at extraordinarily small sizes.


Quality rendering

Monotype Edge™ tuning and rendering technologies for making precise adjustments to the darkness and sharpness of a font, something not offered through Freetype.


Wide device compatibility

Render readable text on tablets, smart phones, televisions, navigation devices, portable media players, game devices, digital cameras and console displays – and more.


Big performance, small footprint

Compact file size, selective build-time resource use, multithreading and high-speed caching provide efficient implementation and optimal device performance.


Memory-optimizing advantages

Our compression and decompression algorithms reduce font data, file size and bandwidth – while utilizing only the relevant data – for significant memory savings.


Industry standards

Based on TrueType and OpenType standards – along with extensive accessibility to 3rd-party devices and applications through plug-ins.


Simple OEM integration

iType supports standards and specifications that make it easy to download and display fonts on a wide range of display environments.

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