Personalize your phone with Monotype FlipFont®

Design your own mobile life by choosing the fonts you want to see every day

Monotype’s FlipFont technology makes it easy to personalize your smartphone by changing your UI font. You can choose from our always-growing inventory of high-quality fonts at any time. Once you install a FlipFont font, just go to the “Font” section in display settings to activate.

FlipFont fonts are available in the Galaxy Apps store within Samsung devices, and through the Google Play store for other Android phones. Get FlipFont fonts today and make your mobile phone more personal.

Monotype FlipFont

Make your phone more you

Smartphones are such a part of our everyday lives that they’ve become an extension of ourselves – almost a part of our identity. And they can be as individual as we are. So why would you want yours to look the same as everyone else’s?

Make your Samsung phone more you

With hundreds of FlipFont fonts available, it’s easy to match your phone to your mood or style

Most extensive selection

Want more personalization? We constantly add new FlipFont fonts – around 10 new fonts every month!

Wide variety of fonts

No copycat fonts here. Choose unique typefaces to suit your style, your attitude, or just a whim.

International languages

Interact in your own language. FlipFont fonts cover a variety of languages across the globe.

Trusted source

Authentic FlipFont downloads from Monotype, one of the world’s most highly respected font companies.

Change fonts easily

Change fonts any time you want. Once installed, your FlipFont fonts are just a few display settings away.

Customize without tinkering

Personalize fluidly, with FlipFont accessible in your interface – not deep in the root of your device.

What’s your FlipFont personality type?

Millions of FlipFont fonts have been downloaded since 2014 to reflect individual personalities and styles. Here are some of the most popular:

Neue Helvetica® - one of the world’s most widely used and recognized designs

Frutiger® - a classic used professionally in brands and signage worldwide

PhatBoi - one of our top downloads. Graffiti-style tag lettering

ITC American Typewriter™ - which resembles typewriter printing

Felbridge™ - designed for high on-screen legibility

Julietrose™ - a charming and vivacious script

Kanban™ - which evokes Asian calligraphy

Present® - which exudes style and spontaneity

Rage Italic - which appears as a vibrant brush script

ITC Syndor™ - an easy-to-read handwriting face