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Monotype Announces Winners of Second Annual Type Champions Award

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 19, 2020 - Monotype today announced the winners of the second annual Type Champions Award, which recognizes and celebrates brands that elevate the value of typography in developing and maintaining brand identities. The winners were selected by a panel of 19 global branding experts who evaluated the role of typography in building brand messages, marketing and advertising efforts, and overall customer experiences.

The 2020 Type Champions include:

  • Actual Source
  • Adidas
  • Australian Centre for the Moving Image
  • Baemin Vietnam
  • City of Helsinki
  • Duolingo
  • IBM
  • MoMA
  • Naturalizer
  • Studio Dumbar

Winners will be revealed at Monotype’s Brand Talks Connected virtual event today, which brings together design, marketing and branding professionals to examine trends, learn real-world strategies and find inspiration. To learn more about the 2020 Type Champions and their projects, visit the Type Champions Award site.

The judges panel recorded several notable takeaways about this year’s winners: 

  • “This years nominations were incredible. I feel honored to have seen such a wonderful display of type use and font creation to further the field and build awareness on what typography can do to bring brands to life.” – Kristine Arth, Founder and Principal Designer, Lobster Phone
  • “Typography is both architecture and music. It should explode with clarity and delight, elevating a brand’s voice above an increasingly noisy mess of customer interfaces and experiences. More than any other visual element, typography can be the most potent technology a company has to distinguish itself and deliver its promise to the communities it serves. This year’s winners demonstrate how type can be smartly leveraged by brands – both big and small, neighborhoods and nation-states, local cultural organizations and world culture at large. Congratulations to every single one of the uncommonly literate designers who have imagined, created, fought, worked insanely hard, imagined, created, fought, and worked insanely hard again to bring this most important craft to life.” – Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, COLLINS
  • “We received nominations from around the world this year, with true diversity across regions, cultures, industries, and brand sizes. What I love most about the list of 2020 Type Champions is that they cannot be put into one category. Each represents a fantastic and unique example of typographic excellence that works for the brand (or location!) and its specific set of needs.” – Jenn Hilliard, Senior Manager, Brand Development & Strategy, Rocket Mortgage
  • “This year, when evaluating work I was looking for a few specifics: expressive elements in type, unique characters that I hadn’t seen before, nuanced detail of the typefaces in either layout or broader use. While the bulk of nominees did not disappoint, the brands we collectively selected stood out for their distinct families and bold personalities.” – Blake Howard, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Matchstic
  • “As the world shifts dramatically to digital experiences, the role of typography becomes ever more critical for brands looking to deliver consistent, meaningful experiences. Of the many submissions, our panel selected a set of winners that represent how powerful, albeit varied, the use of type can be in crafting identity.” – Charles Nix, Creative Type Director, Monotype

The 2020 Type Champions Award panel includes:

  • Abbott Miller, Partner, Pentagram
  • Alejandro Paul, Type Designer and Founder, Sudtipos
  • Andy Payne, Global Chief Creative Officer, Interbrand
  • Bobby C. Martin Jr., Co-Founder, Champions Design
  • Blake Howard, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Matchstic
  • Brett Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer, Monotype
  • Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, COLLINS
  • Charles Nix, Type Director, Monotype
  • James Fooks-Bale, Creative Director, Monotype
  • Jenn Hilliard, Senior Manager, Brand Development & Strategy, Rocket Mortgage
  • Josh Miles, Chief Marketing Officer of SMPS and Host of Obsessed Show
  • Kirsten Dietz, Founder and Partner, Strichpunkt Design
  • Kristine Arth, Founder and Principal Designer, Lobster Phone
  • Mohamed Gaber, Founder, Kief Type Foundry
  • Nicole Johnson, Associate Director User Experience, Iconmobile Group
  • Patrick Märki, Managing Director, KMS Team
  • Perrin Drumm, Head of Publishing, A24
  • Rodney Abbot, Senior Partner, Lippincott
  • Sherina Florence, Creative Director, Ogilvy

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Monotype launches the redesign of the iconic Futura, the only font on the moon

Futura has been refreshed for the digital era with the launch of Futura Now – deemed as the definitive version of this iconic family, expanded by Monotype to “meet the demands of ‘digital-first’ campaigns, made for forward-thinking brands and publishers”.

Back to the Futura With Futura Now

From Wes Anderson films to Field Notes journals to the plaque on the moon, Futura is iconic. Monotype Studio has reimagined the typeface as Futura Now, bringing with it all-new rhythm, balance and readability. 

Monotype Spark integrated into Qt Quick Ultralite

Monotype provides an efficient and high-quality font rendering engine for embedded devices, Monotype Spark. It is integrated into Qt Quick Ultralite as a backend to the QML Text API and comes as an additional option to our pre-existing so-called “Static” font engine. If you already have a working Qt for MCUs application, no extra code is required to switch to the new engine. You only need to configure your project to use Spark and if you use multiple fonts, bundle them into a single fontmap file.

When it comes to your brand’s identity, don’t predict – prepare.

Remember back when ‘The Future’ was a comfortable place that belonged to dense analyst reports, dramatically-lit conference stages, and glossy strategy decks? That future is, suddenly – and across pretty much every market vertical -happening right here, right now.

Ambiguity recognized as honoree in Fast Company 2020 Innovation by Design Awards.

Monotype’s Ambiguity typeface, designed by Monotype Studio’s Charles Nix, has been recognized by Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards in the graphic design category.

Politicians Wake Up To Power of Design

With less than one hundred days until U.S. elections, local and national candidates across the country are vying for votes with bold ideas and eye-catching designs. In an election year where a pandemic has curtailed photo ops and cancelled meet-and-greets and rallies, a campaign’s digital presence is the only way to safely connect with voters. As more Americans engage with candidates online, political hopefuls are realizing what design enthusiasts have long understood: a cohesive and impactful visual identity is critical to a successful campaign. 

Digital Transformation – From Helvetica to Now

Obsessed Show host Josh Miles interviews Brett Zucker, CMO of Monotype, on how brands can champion creativity to navigate and succeed during and coming out of a crisis. As strengthening the customer experience now remains top of mind in the digital-first era, Zucker reminds listeners that fonts are the most valuable art form from the standpoint of brand recognition. Monotype is helping to meet this industry evolution by championing the power of creativity, and why it matters more than ever before. 

Monotype Honored by Quantum Workplace with Annual Employee Voice Award

Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software, announced recently the winners of its annual Employee Voice Award (EVA). Monotype was honored to be featured as one of four winning organizations, including BKD CPAs & Advisors, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, and ChenMed.

Quantum Workplace’s EVA honors organizations that excel in the employee engagement arena. To be considered, award candidates must have demonstrated their dedication to making work better every day through collecting, analyzing and acting upon employee feedback. 

Monotype won in the category of Teamwork Triumph, which recognizes entities that shifted employee engagement efforts from solely a human resources (HR)-focused function to one championed by non-HR teams within the organization, emphasizing companywide commitment to workplace culture. 

From the press release:  

Monotype, Woburn, Mass. Monotype, which empowers creative minds to build and express authentic brands through design, technology and expertise, was presented the Teamwork Triumph Award, recognizing efforts of their non-HR-based, cross-functional team, created to take ownership of key employee initiatives. This team, comprised of leaders across the organization, was responsible for conducting engagement and pulse surveys, implementing reward and recognition programs, and strengthening employee communication. Their efforts decentralized employee engagement and workplace culture from solely an HR function by transforming it into a companywide commitment. After the team was implemented, the company saw an 18 percent increase in favorability regarding employees’ understanding and alignment of strategies and goals.

Read the full press release here