Monotype Joins The Readability Consortium to Advance Global Readability Research


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Monotype Joins The Readability Consortium to Advance Global Readability Research

WOBURN, Mass., June 3, 2024 - Monotype Imaging Inc., a global leader in type and technology, has partnered with The Readability Consortium (TRC), a group of engineering, psychophysics, and design researchers dedicated to researching how to make text faster, easier, and more comfortable to read. 

The Readability Consortium helps bring together experts from a variety of fields to conduct scientific research on readability with actionable, practical results. This scientific research shows that readable formats can help accelerate reading while maintaining comprehension.

With this exciting collaboration, Monotype will help amplify efforts in format readability work to investigate how fonts can have an impact on readability by increasing engagement and reducing reader fatigue. 

“At Monotype we often talk about the power of type to express. We also understand that—at its core—type needs to communicate written content clearly and effectively. We look forward to collaborating with The Readability Consortium to better understand what makes one type more readable than another, as we try to bring readability to all,” Tom Rickner, Head of Monotype Studio, said.

Current partners at The Readability Consortium include Adobe, Google, and the nonprofit Readability Matters. The Readability Consortium also works with over 200 stakeholders in the larger readability research community who bring their own unique perspectives, including educators, researchers, designers, and technologists.

Venkat Yetrintala, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Monotype, shares, “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with The Readability Consortium. With Monotype’s deep knowledge in typography and technology, we’re excited to collaborate with TRC to improve digital reading experiences for everyone. This partnership represents a unique opportunity to leverage our expertise and make a significant impact on how text is interacted with, both online and offline.”

As Monotype joins The Readability Consortium, one of The Readability Consortium’s research focuses is creating accessible reading experiences for people around the world, especially within writing systems which tend to be overlooked in type research despite widespread use, such as Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Read the full release from The Readability Consortium at the University of Central Florida here.

For more details about The Readability Consortium and its innovative format readability research, please visit The Readability Consortium website.

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