Fonts to enhance the Android platform user experience

Monotype’s Type Enhancements for Android

Bring rich, high-quality text and worldwide language support to Android™ platform devices. Ours is the first all-in-one text solution for Android that allows OEMs to tailor their products by selecting from a range of capabilities to meet specific requirements, including the ability to deliver crisp, readable text in multiple languages, superior Web browsing experiences and end-user personalization through user-selected fonts.

Monotype believes OEMs and developers using Android should have time-to-market advantages by quickly and easily integrating fonts and font technologies to ensure brand integrity, legibility and multilingual capability. Our Type Enhancements for Android is an example of this commitment. These capabilities, which give OEMs the power to choose specific UI fonts and provide unique UI themes for customers, have passed Google’s CTS certification for Android.

Android® devices provide broad functionality to users; Monotype makes them even better with a set of powerful enhancements that add typographic quality, choice, and flexibility. Monotype’s Type Enhancements for Android is the first all-in-one type solution for Android devices, enabling OEMs to deliver crisp, clear, highly legible text to users – who can customize their experience by selecting the fonts of their choice, even non-Latin fonts such as Thai, Arabic, and Hebrew. Other enhancements include advanced tuning control to ensure optimal quality at any size, Web fonts for clearest online text, and contrast control that allows white text on black and vice versa to be optimized independently.