Creative Characters S3 E9: Studios we love: the stories of CoType, Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau, and XYZ Type.

Creative Characters Season 3 Episode 9: Studios we love: the stories of CoType, Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau, and XYZ Type.
I really wanted to celebrate the diversity of the industry and the backgrounds coming out of the type world right now. There’s so much exciting stuff, especially in the young foundry scene.

Phil Garnham.

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This week’s episode is a triple threat. Monotype Executive Creative Directors Charles, Phil, and Tom each selected a type designer they admire to bring on the show. What resulted is inspiring discussions with Mark Bloom of CoType, Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau, and Jesse Ragan and Ben Kiel of XYZ Type, three unique studios making great work in their own distinct ways.

Our first guest is Mark Bloom, the owner of CoType™ Foundry, based in London, UK. Monotype Executive Creative Director, Phil Garnham, was excited to host Mark because, “Mark Bloom has a unique eye for display type and composition, he makes the kinds of typefaces that explore the grid, the formal and modular side of type whilst applying his spin. As both graphic and type designer, he’s fortunate to have two minds, the kind of insight that enables some slick foundry output that evokes digitalism in every sense. The best work always comes from designers that are enjoying themselves and team CoType are clearly very happy people.”

Next up is Naïma Ben Ayed, who spoke with Monotype Executive Creative Director, Tom Foley. When asked about his guest, Tom said, “Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau makes beautiful typefaces that explore diverse ideas. Identity and the relationship between Latin and Arabic typography are fertile sources of inspiration, but they also represent a complex and nuanced part or of our industry. Naïma navigates this through stylish typeface design that is culturally aware and super relevant. It was a pleasure to chat to such a rare talent, who clearly takes it all in her stride.”

Finally, we have Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan of XYZ Type to round out the episode. Host and Monotype Executive Creative Director Charles Nix said of the duo, “Jesse and Ben (XYZ Type) make great typefaces—and they do it thoughtfully. That’s a perfect combination for a podcast about type. It was great to get to talk to them about where they came from and where they’re going—and it’s doubly great to share it with others who love type.”




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Creative Characters S3 E9: Studios we love: the stories of CoType, Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau, and XYZ Type.
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