Creative Characters S3 E10: Finding the “feels” with Picsart’s Scott Walker.

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Modern creators know that pace rivals perfection.

Scott Walker.

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Picsart, which provides a suite of photo and video editing tools and templates to the creator economy, has lived this motto since it began more than a decade ago. Today, with more than 150 million monthly users, the company is helping streamline the design process like never before. Monotype and Picsart have built a partnership that’s fueling creativity for Picsart’s community. In 2022, Monotype-supplied fonts were used in more than 1 billion editing sessions on the Picsart platform. 

In this week’s episode, Monotype’s Bill Connolly sits down with Scott Walker, Executive Creative Director at Picsart, to learn about his own design process, which began in a print shop and has led him to work with some of the world’s most popular brands. They also discuss the emergence of artificial intelligence, the future of creativity, and why it’s important for designers to always “follow the feels.”



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Creative Characters S3 E10: Finding the “feels” with Picsart’s Scott Walker.
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