Becoming your client’s typographic expert couldn’t be easier. Monotype’s agency partner program allows creative agencies around the world to access, discover and prototype our library of fonts and benefit from the expertise of the Monotype Studio.

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All your fonts in one place.

Our vast, on-demand inventory allows you to discover new fonts, create beautiful designs, categorize, collaborate and share with team members worldwide. You can also upload your existing fonts so they are all managed in one place.

You can decide what works best for your agency: free licenses for mockup and pitch rights or a full license that also includes production rights according to the agency’s needs.

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Meet the experts from the Monotype Studio.

When you become an agency partner, our team becomes an extension of your team. The Monotype Studio will be available to support your designers with library navigation, language extension, logo refinement, custom fonts and type inspiration, trends and expertise.

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Custom brand font.

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Global language support.

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The evolution of typography with variable fonts.

With the emergence of variable fonts, design no longer has to be traded for page speed. See how this new technology can transform how we think about web design.

How to make clients care about fonts (and why you should try).

Sometimes clients just don’t care where their fonts come from. Here’s why their project (and your reputation) benefit from convincing them it matters.

Typography terms and definitions.

From alternates to X-height, this list of typography terms and definitions covers just about everything you’d want to know about fonts and typography.

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