On-demand webinar: Understanding IP in the creative process.

Brands today are connecting with customers across countless touchpoints – from LED billboards, to smartwatch apps to magazine ads. This provides countless opportunities for graphic designers and creative professionals to work on exciting projects, but designing for multiple environments at once has its challenges, too.

There may be no greater headache than ensuring a project is using properly licensed the assets like fonts, images, music, etc. And while creatives may not be the ones purchasing these assets, it often falls on them to ensure the correct asset is used – or face expensive fixes and maybe an aggravated exec or two.

Join Chris Do from The Futur and Alice Palmer from Monotype to discover best practices for asset licensing. With a focus on fonts as a critical asset, we’ll discuss:

  • What IP means and why creatives should understand it
  • How licensing got so complex and how to get back to basics
  • Tips for making sure you’re using properly licensed fonts
  • The risks of using free fonts
  • Where the rest of the org fits in and how creatives can help

Watch the full webinar above and discover the basics of font usage for brands and creatives here.