Creative Characters S3 E15: Talking shop with David Berlow, type hero and font technology pioneer.

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At the Font Bureau, we had a lot of type designers that were interested in coming to learn and then setting up their own shop. There were other foundries that prohibited that... So I wanted to give people that freedom.

David Berlow.

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David Berlow has been at the forefront of type design, publishing, and technology for 45 years. His impressive career began in 1978 drawing letterforms for the Haas, Mergenthaler, Linotype, and Stempel type foundries, before he went on to work at Apple, Bitstream, and later founded the Font Bureau with Roger Black. 

A self-proclaimed “loose cannon” and “boat rocker,” Berlow has been at the center of type innovation for decades, consulting for companies like Apple and Google, all whilst designing some of the world’s most celebrated and recognizable fonts, including custom designs for iconic publishers such as The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Esquire Magazine and The Wall Street Journal and brands including Apple Computer Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corporation. 

In this week’s episode Tom Rickner, the Senior Director of the Studio at Monotype, sits down with Berlow. Fun fact: Berlow hired Rickner at the Font Bureau, kicking off his career as a type designer. You’ll hear the two reminisce, talk shop, and explore Berlow’s influences, predictions, and perspectives on mentorship and team building.  

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Creative Characters S3 E15: Talking shop with David Berlow, type hero and font technology pioneer.
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