Choosing game fonts is an assault course of vital design decisions

When the race is on or the bullets are flying, there are more important things on a gamer’s mind than the fonts of text and titles. But get them wrong and gamers will be sure to let you know. Subliminally, the design of the scores and instructions in an interface can have a huge impact on the gaming experience.

Fonts in games have a subjective role, helping to convey the theme and atmosphere of a game while shaping expectations about its content. And there’s the more practical job of conveying information quickly, legibly, on any kind of screen and in multiple languages, so that no one gets left behind or in the lurch.

Monotype works with game developers to create fonts that fit right into their worlds, establishing atmosphere, conveying instructions and delivering scores.

Casting the right characters

You can create the greatest game the planet has ever seen, but if the branding, box art and promotion don’t cut it, no one’s going to know. Getting your game’s theme, atmosphere and novelty across on a shop shelf or poster is a tough task. Branding matters, whether it’s for a title, a franchise or a studio. Some type styles have become clichés in entertainment media — the geometric san serif for sci-fi titles is one. Putting a twist on them can make all the difference in crowded genres. And developing branding that’s a good partner to the in-game type will make for a satisfying overall experience.

We’re champions at gaming fonts

  • Dedicated team of designers and engineers to collaborate with your game developers
  • An extensive catalog of gaming fonts to choose from
  • Type designers to create or customize fonts specifically for your game
  • Comprehensive language/localization support for internationally marketed games