Speedy slender software for beautiful, legible type on any screen

Putting text on screen is a demanding business. It’s all about converting individual characters into pixels, preserving their legibility so that text remains easy to read — and delivering them in a matter of milliseconds. Which is why our iType® font engine, or rasterizer, is a star of the screen.

Optimized for efficiency and speed, iType renders characters on screen with absolute clarity. Embedded in digital products, the iType font engine is a piece of software that requires only minimal space and is easily integrated, so it doesn’t slow anything else down, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices. By instantaneously placing the outline descriptions of characters on a pixel grid and intelligently painting the underlying pixels in black and grey values, iType delivers pin-sharp text at any size to any kind of digital display, at very high speed.

Take control of type quality

Ligatures - off
Ligatures - on
Ordinals - off
Ordinals - on
Alternates - off
Alternates - on
Small Caps - off
Small Caps - on

By rendering OpenType font files, you can unlock a treasure trove of creative options to enrich the user experience on your device. OpenType files contain extra sets of rules. One set of rules is called Glyph Positioning and it enables typographic controls for designers such as ligatures, alternative characters and numerals, and small caps.

Say you type the word ‘office’. With Glyph Positioning, you could choose the series of characters, ‘ffi’, to be replaced with a single ffi-ligature. Using our WorldType® Layout Engine, these OpenType rules are recognized and applied as you type. In the case of ‘ffi’, it works out the position of the ligature character and hands over an image of it that can be displayed on-screen.