Using web fonts in HTML5 ads.

Web Fonts

Make your HTML5 ad campaign stand out with on-brand real text using high quality web fonts.

The transition from Flash to HTML5 is well underway across the advertising industry. Images of text won’t cut it when your ad campaign needs live text for dynamic content (like personalization or local pricing), or you simply want scalable, crisp text that renders perfectly across all devices. Use web fonts to combine the flexibility of real text with the impact of brand identity.

Read on to find out about using web fonts in:

  • Hand coded HTML5 ads
  • HTML5 authoring tools like Google Web Designer
  • Ad building tools provided by ad servers

Also see licensing web fonts for use in digital ad campaigns.

Hand coding HTML5 ads

Each Monotype font provider has instructions on their website on how to set up, license and publish the web fonts you need. Use the links below, or contact your Monotype Account Manager who can help you through the process.

We are working to improve licensing and workflow to better suit digital ad campaigns, and want to get your input. Set up a call with our researchers.

Using HTML5 Tools for Ad Authoring

Google Web Designer

Use the CSS publish option to use and publish web fonts in your ad.

Adobe Products

The Adobe Flash Professional replacement, Adobe Animate, was released in early 2016, retiring their current offering, Adobe Edge Animate. Get in touch for the latest on using Monotype web fonts in these products.

Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype is a popular, general purpose HTML5 authoring tool with comprehensive web fonts support built in through the Monotype Web Font Platform. This includes the entire and Google Fonts libraries, a selection of premium Monotype web fonts free-to-use on live campaigns, and the ability to upload prelicensed self-hosting kits from Monotype providers and others, such as FontSquirrel.

Ad-specific HTML5 authoring tools

Many tools exist specifically for building HTML5 ad campaigns, some tied to ad servers and some not. Here are are some of our announced partners.


These tools have comprehensive web font support built in through the Monotype Web Font Platform. This includes the entire and Google Fonts libraries, a selection of premium Monotype web fonts free-to-use on live campaigns, and the ability to upload prelicensed self-hosting kits from Monotype providers and others, such as FontSquirrel.

Did you know a unique font license is required to use web fonts?

Converting desktop fonts to web fonts with 3rd-party conversion tools is generally not allowed under standard desktop font licenses. Learn about licensing web fonts for HTML5 ads from any of our listed font providers. Alternatively, you can contact your Monotype account manager for more information.