Make a big impact on any screen

On any device that has a display—from instant glancing and passive reading to active messaging and immersive experiences—engage a global audience with the content you create.

Monotype Embedded Technology

Monotype technologies help you create at-a-glance and interactive experiences with highly legible characters under a multitude of viewing conditions, so your small-screen displays operate efficiently, consistently and beautifully around the globe.

On-screen results

Quick-glance legibility

Tight appearance handling and pin-sharp text give both design engineers and brands more control over how text looks, even in suboptimal conditions.

Global support

Reach a worldwide marketplace of users in their own words. Deliver a compelling, on-brand user interface that includes global font support.

Product simplicity

Put an end to multiple SKUs for the same product - even with multiple languages or versions. Just build once, and our technology will take care of the variations in type.

Low power. Efficient memory

For all it does, this technology requires minimal storage and power. And it won’t bog down processing, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices.

Cost savings

With scalable font technology, your subsequent releases (or dated after-market inventory) won’t need a new platform or redesign to display new content. You’re good to go-to-market.

Create an intuitive, at-a-glance reading environment, and

  • Bring your best brand interaction to any device with a screen
  • Maximize the user experience with font libraries curated for your specific display
  • Speak to users in their own languages, in any environment
  • Shape and fine-tune even the most complicated scripts and fonts
  • Introduce products to market quickly, and update new versions effortlessly

Partner Perspective

“It’s challenging to build beautiful embedded products for a global market on time and on budget. Monotype helps customers achieve this through its font assets and embedded technologies. Integration with Altia GUI tools makes the design process more streamlined, increasingly productive and faster for our customers,”

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