Make a big impact on any screen

Engage a global audience with the content you create – on any device that has a display—from instant glancing and passive reading to active messaging and immersive experiences.

Monotype Embedded Solutions

Through a combination of our fonts and technology, Monotype helps you create at-a-glance and interactive experiences with highly legible characters under a multitude of viewing conditions, so your small-screen displays operate efficiently, consistently and beautifully around the globe.

Partner Perspective

“It’s challenging to build beautiful embedded products for a global market on time and on budget. Monotype helps customers achieve this through its font assets and embedded technologies. Integration with Altia GUI tools makes the design process more streamlined, increasingly productive and faster for our customers,”

Jason Williamson, Vice President of Marketing, Altia


Move beyond the bitmap to create a more consistent brand experience

M-Kit is an open interface that provides an easy way to access and deploy type across any embedded environment. Create crisp, dynamic and scalable type, and meet the growing consumer demand for a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

WorldType Layout Engine (WTLE)

Eliminate language barriers in your devices

Bring your device to the world by adding advanced composition tools for non-Latin text as well as character shaping and bidirectional rendering.


Low memory scalable type – even on the smallest displays

The Monotype Spark rendering engine helps manufacturers deliver a highly intuitive display experience, while maintaining UI performance on their most resource-constrained devices.