Monotype builds world-class design and marketing tools for brands and creative teams

For brands

Global or local, the best-looking brands rely on Monotype

Mosaic: An innovative font service for the enterprise

Mosaic™ puts our full library of type at your fingertips, allowing your organization to deliver on-brand messaging on any device, in any environment, virtually anywhere across across the globe.

Embedded Technologies: Font renderers and utilities for any screen

Create highly legible, at-a-glance experiences in any language without slowing down processing, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices.

Monotype AR/VR Solution: Bring your brand into new frontiers

Bring high-quality, pristine text into AR/VR experiences that’s legible, localized and on brand.

Olapic: Content strategy for the modern customer journey

From user-generated, to influencer-generated, to brand-generated content, Olapic helps brands access, manage and measure real customer images and videos in every touchpoint.

For design teams

The world’s best fonts, so you can do your best work

Monotype Library Subscription: 2,500+ font families, one low monthly price

The Monotype Library Subscription provides unlimited choices and affordable access to a growing collection of 10,000 fonts from 2,500+ typeface families - for both desktop and web use.

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