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Monotype builds world-class design and marketing tools for brands and creative teams

For brands

Global or local, the best-looking brands rely on Monotype

Mosaic: An innovative font service for the enterprise

Mosaic™ puts our full library of type at your fingertips, streamlining the way creatives discover, manage and deploy type across an organization. Mosaic makes selecting type a seamlessly iterative and inspiring part of the branding and design process.

Embedded Technologies: Font renderers and utilities for any screen

Create highly legible, at-a-glance experiences in any language without slowing down processing, even in the smallest, most memory-constrained devices.

Monotype AR/VR Fonts: Bring your brand into new frontiers

Bring high-quality, pristine text into AR/VR experiences that’s legible, localized and on brand.

Olapic: Content strategy for the modern customer journey

From user-generated, to influencer-generated, to brand-generated content, Olapic helps brands access, manage and measure real customer images and videos in every touchpoint.