Farewell, Flash. Hello, HTML5. Get the most from your digital ads with web fonts

HTML5 isn’t the future. It’s the now.

The Flashpocalypse has come and gone and HTML5 is the new industry standard for digital ads. Google and Facebook now require it, the Interactive Advertising Bureau officially recommends it, and most mobile platforms never supported Flash to begin with.

HTML5 can deliver a media-rich, interactive, real-time brand experience across platforms and devices. But only if the text is dynamic and on-brand. Web fonts are the key to making the most of the new digital ad standard.

Web fonts build better HTML5 ads

Back in 2016, Google stopped accepting new Flash ads. Google stopped displaying previously uploaded Flash ads altogether in January 2017, signaling the last major milestone in an industry-wide shift from Flash to HTML5 as the preferred format for rich media display ads.

How to license web fonts for digital ads

We offer a Digital Ads license to make it easier for advertisers to deploy web fonts in HTML5 ads. Visit MyFonts to learn more about this license and how to get started.