Meet the team.

The Monotype Studio hails from all corners of the globe. We design typefaces for the world’s most beloved brands, and have created some of this century’s most iconic and talked-about designs.

Ryota Doi.

Ryota Doi is a Senior Type Designer for Monotype. Ryota first became interested in type as a design student while at university in Japan. After receiving his BA in design from Tokyo University of the Arts, he enrolled in the MA typeface design program at the prestigious University of Reading, where he studied the differences between Japanese and Latin type.

Sara Soskolne.

Sara Soskolne is a Creative Type Director and designer. As a reformed bookworm, her deepest inspiration as a typeface designer is the experience of reading, and her abiding interest is in creating typefaces which not only serve but enrich that experience. Originally a graphic designer, Sara’s increasing fascination with type eventually drew her to study typeface design at the University of Reading in the UK, and then to practice it at Hoefler&Co.

Sina Otto.

Sina Otto is Creative Type Director at Monotype, based in Berlin. In this role, her extensive expertise is utilised by advising brands and agencies on branding and typography. Prior joining Monotype, she worked as an independent creative with renowned agencies and publishers in Berlin, Milan and Zurich, among others.

Spike Spondike.

Spike Spondike is an award-winning Senior Typeface Designer at Monotype. Her experience includes almost a decade working with Dalton Maag, and the past two years with Colophon Foundry.

Tao Di.

Tao is a Type Designer at the Monotype Studio in Shanghai, China. He graduated from university where he studied engineering, and started his career as a graphic designer at an ad agency in China. During that period, he got attracted to the magic of fonts and started learning type design by himself.

Terrance Weinzierl.

As a Creative Type Director in the Monotype Studio, Terrance Weinzierl has been creating and modifying typefaces for the Monotype Library and a wide range of brands since 2008. In addition to working on custom projects for PBS, Microsoft, Google, Barnes & Noble, Domino’s and SAP, he’s designed type for video games, professional sports teams and auto manufacturers.

Tom Foley.

Tom Foley is an Executive Creative Director for Monotype, and in his role, is responsible for leading a team of type designers creating fonts for the Monotype Library and corporate brands. Words and letters are in Tom’s blood - his great-grandfather was from a family of stonemasons that specialized in letter carving, and his uncle was a sign painter.

Tom Rickner.

Tom Rickner is Senior Director of the Studio with a career in type that spans more than three decades. During that time, he has mastered nearly every aspect of type design and font production, from his earliest days editing bitmaps, to designing some of the very first Multiple Master fonts for Adobe and TrueType GX Variations fonts for the Font Bureau and Apple, where he was also a pioneer of variable type.

Vaishnavi Murthy Yerkadithaya.

Based in Bangalore, India, Vaishnavi is a Creative Type Director who delves deep into the world of written languages. Inspired by her grandfather’s knowledge of ancient scripts, she turned her childhood fascination into a career by pursuing an MA in Type Design at the University of Reading, supported by a Felix Scholarship.