Tao Di.
Type Designer.

In his words.

Although it is just a 2 unit difference, which seems like nothing during design, I will still correct it without hesitation.

Tao is a Type Designer at the Monotype Studio in Shanghai, China. He graduated from university where he studied engineering, and started his career as a graphic designer at an ad agency in China. During that period, he got attracted to the magic of fonts and started learning type design by himself.

Before joining Monotype, Tao worked at the largest type foundry in China, Founder Type, where he participated in dozens of Chinese font design and font customization projects. At Monotype, he contributed to a significant custom project called for Garena Free Fire, a mobile video game.

During his spare time, Tao educates himself in the type design of other languages, including Latin, Kana and even Mongolian. He was the finalist at the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2019.