Printer imaging solutions.

Hosted and embedded software for printers and peripheral products.

As the original typeface foundry for the creative market, Monotype also provides 100% trademark- and metrics-compatible Hewlett Packard PCL and Adobe PostScript printer fonts. Printer driver and PDL technology providers can expect outstanding performance, guaranteed quality, and expert consultation from Monotype.

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Embedded Technology - Font and Text Layout Solutions.

Font Rasterizer and PCL & PostScript-compatible Fonts.

Universal Font Scaling Technology (UFST)and MicroType Compression are the only font rendering systems that provide the 100% bit-for-bit font matrices, trademarks, and backward compatibility for HP PCL and Adobe PostScript & PDF that are critical for enterprise print environments. USFT and MicroType Compression Technology support all the major font format rasterizers like TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID, as well as legacy font formats like Intellifont. 

Multilingual Font Support for Printing

We provide worldwide character and language support with the following font solutions:

  • Andale and WorldTypeTM collections – Covers 50,000 Unicode-compatible characters in 4 different CCJK TrueType font data for non-Windows direct printing from Cloud, LINUX, and Mainframe environments.
  • Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Greek support – Provided in MicroType compressed format used along with PCL 45, 80, and 88 fonts.
  • Double-Byte Font support with PCLT table – Available in both Serif and Sans Serif (Mincho and Gothic) for all double-byte fonts in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese with PCLT tables (a requirement for PCL5).
  • Barcode and Label Printer Font Solutions

CG Times, CG Triumvirate, and Univers typeface families are the most popular font sets in barcode and label printers in POS, logistics, and manufacturing environments.

Text layout and shaping technology for multilingual complex scripts on non-OS and low-footprint CPUs used in UI panels and barcode/label printers.

Page Description Languages (PDL) Technologies

Monotype’s industry-leading Page Description Languages PCL5/6 and XPS embedded RIP technologies have UFST font rasterizers and 100% HP-compatible trademarked font sets built in by default. We also offer Adobe PostScript and PDF technologies. These PDLs work with any host output; accelerate performance by using them in tandem with Monotype Printer Drivers that generate optimized, low-footprint PDL data.

Host Technology.

Font Solutions

PCL and PostScript font sets are available in TrueType fonts with the same compatibility for raster printers as with PDL printers. Monotype is the only certified font provider to license fonts from Microsoft’s Windows and Office font set, many of which are required for Cloud printing document compatibility.

Printer Driver and Host Output Solutions

Monotype provides the highest quality and highest performing printer driver solutions for Windows V3 GDI and V3/V4 XPS, Mac OS, Linux and other environments supporting outputs for PCL, PostScript, PDF, Raster, and XML. You can create outputs for your own designed UI with our Printer Driver Development Kit and use our Print App to access PDL filters on mobile devices.

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