IHALC & Monotype present Inside Brands: M&Ms.

A case study of the M&Ms rebrand with panel members from M&Ms in house team, JKR and Monotype.

Inside Brands is the In-House Agency Leaders Club’s new series of online events exploring in-house brand and communications design, in partnership with Monotype. Across the series, we will be looking at how in0house teams work effectively and creatively with external branding studios and Monotype, why type adds value to your brand communications and how to ensure you are using it effectively and efficiently, and new ideas and techniques in type.

Our first session will take a close look at the recent M&Ms re-brand, featuring Steffi Marty, Global Director of Brand Identity and Design at Mars, Kristie Malivindi, Design Director at Jones Knowles Ritchie, and Charles Nix, Creative Type Director at Monotype. Patrick Burgoyne from IHALC moderates the session. We’ll be talking brand strategy, aesthetics, process and implementation and how internal and external teams can best collaborate to produce outstanding work.