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Universal Font Scaling Technology (UFST) with MicroType compression fonts.

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UFST is the only font rendering system for PDL printers that provides 100% bit-for-bit font metrics, trademarks, and backward compatibility that is critical for an enterprise print environment. UFST SDK provides all UFST components, rasterizers, font metric files, and font data for your evaluation.

UFST is used worldwide on both SFP and MFP printers to provide PCL/PostScript core font rendering technology

  • Core focus: High-quality type for printing and control panel display
  • 100% font trademark compatibility, an Absolute HP compatibility requirement
  • Multilingual/globalized support for world scripts
  • Font file size of MicroType compression: 80 fonts in 840KB and 181 fonts in 1,603KB
  • Provides advanced capabilities for control panel displays and UI
  • Supplied in ANSI C source code and designed to be both modular and flexible
  • Highly portable code that can be run out of the box directly on a variety of platforms or ported to any desired platform with very little development effort
  • A wide range of base and optional features allows the flexibility to create a font scaling subsystem optimized for the needs of the target application
  • Minimal overall code size with only necessary features conditionally compiled into the UFST subsystem

PDL Support

  • HP PCL
  • Adobe PostScript
  • Adobe PDF
  • XPS

Font Support/Font Renderer

  • MicroType
  • TrueType: including *ACT and **CATT fonts
  • OpenType
  • PostScript Type 1
  • Stroke: including ***SmartHint-enabled stroke fonts
  • CFF
  • Intellifont
  • Edge Graymaps

Font Standards

  • HP PCL 6
  • 80 Fonts + HP 13 + Vista 8
  • Adobe compatible PS3
  • 136 fonts + Vista 8
  • PCL/PS Dual Emulation
  • 181 fonts + HP 13 + Vista 8
  • Andale WorldType Collection
  • Asian Solutions – MS Windows and PostScript
  • Thermal Printer Market Solutions
  • Additional Latin and Non-Latin Fonts Available

*ACT = Asian Compression for TrueType, Monotype’s proprietary compression format that reduces the file size of any TrueType font by up to 60%.

** CATT = Compact Asian TrueType, Monotype’s proprietary compressed fonts that work with any TrueType rasterizer.

*** SmartHint is a Monotype’s proprietary Stoke Font which generates high-quality legible bitmap outputs through intelligent stroke reduction.

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