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Tested daily and used in millions of printers worldwide, Monotype provides the highest quality and best performing printer driver solutions for Windows V3 GDI and V3/V4 XPS, Mac OS, Linux, and other environments supporting outputs for PCL, PostScript, PDF, Raster, and XML. You can create outputs with your own designed UI with our Printer Driver Development Kit and use our Print App to access PDL filters on mobile devices.

Print paths PDK platform

Windows XP/03/Vista/08/7

32 & 64 bit

Windows 8x/2012/10+

32 & 64 bit

Mac OSX/Linux

32 & 64 bit


PCL - 5/6

V3 V3  
  PostScript 3 V3 V3  

GDI - Raster

Customizable raster output, including PS, PCL5, PCL6 wrapper

V3 V3  

XPS - Raster

Customizable raster output, including PS, PCL5, PCL6


Common V3 & V4 filters

V3 & V4

Common V3 & V4 filters


XPS to PCL6, PS and PDF

True vector converters. Variations for: filter pipeline drivers; standalone utilities (cloud); print applications
V3 V3 & V4  
  Mac and Linux CUPS - Raster Customizable raster output including PCL5 and PCL6 Customizable raster output including PCL5 and PCL6 Yes, including Mac OS ARM64/silicon

Part of standard features across all drivers

  • Paper Sizes
    • Standard and non-standard
    • User-defined sizes
  • N-Up
    • 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 16, 25, 32
    • Start in any corner, row, or column
    • Multiple Border Styles (dashed, grid, corners, outline)
    • Locked layout option
  • Booklets
    • 2-up and reordered for folding/binding
    • Signatures
    • Left or right binding
    • Margin controls
  • Misc.
    • Poster
    • Scaling (percentage and to paper size)
      • Anchor to any corner or center
    • Reverse order
    • 180 degree rotation
    • Print selected pages
      • Logical or physical
    • Binding Shift
    • Smart Duplex
    • Smart Collate
  • Text Watermarks
    • Color/mono
    • Font, bold, italic, size, angle and opacity
    • Filled or outline only
    • Positioning, tiling
  • Image Watermarks
    • Scaling, positioning, tiling
  • Manual Duplex
    • Configurable ordering of face groups
  • Covers
    • Front (blank or printed)
    • Back (blank or printed)
    • Media type, media tray
  • Interleaves
    • Blank/Duplicate
  • Chapter/Insert pages
    • Change media/tray for specific pages
  • Driver and device copies/collation
  • Fonts
    • Print text black
    • Use/specify font substitutions




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