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Press Release

Press Release

Packages address the demands of both creative and technical teams, solving some of the most challenging text and type issues

WOBURN, Mass. — Monotype today introduced two new services from the Monotype Studio, helping brands solve for two critical issues: Ensuring consistency and cultural revelvancy as they expand into new global markets, and improving legibility and performance of text across digital display environments. These new services from the Monotype Studio consist of consulting time with some of the world’s most renknowned type designers, font engineers, quality assurance and script experts. 

New features of Mosaic largely fall within three categories including: improved font discovery, enabling fonts everywhere and enhanced third-party font management

Global Expansion

The Global Expansion service from the Monotype Studio helps tackle one of the biggest branding challenges: creating universality without sacrificing brand consistency. With the new service, Monotype can help guide brands to unify visual and written expression across markets, messaging, mediums and products. 

Global, iconic brands like Alibaba, H&M, Sony and Tencent have worked with Monotype to create type systems that align to their brand attributes, connect with customers and key stakeholders in each country, and deliver a consistent customer experience across the globe 

Earlier this year, Monotype worked with Alibaba to create a global typeface, Alibaba Sans, which spans 172 different languages. The project was sparked by an engagement with the Monotype Studio to discuss challenges, goals and recommendations on how to expand into new geographies without sacrificing brand consistency – an important investment every brand should consider before moving into new markets. 

“Monotype understood our unique challenges and delivered a typeface that will take us to the next level in our branding efforts. We really appreciate their partnership as a true expert and extension of our team,” said Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba Group.

The Monotype Studio has helped hundreds of global brands establish a culturally relevant and impactful type system. Global font families from the Monotype Library, including best sellers such as the Neue Frutiger World family and the Tazugane Gothic typeface, have been effective font families for brands looking to quickly expand into new global markets.

Brands and agencies who work with the Monotype Studio on a Global Expansion consulting service receive:

  • A global team that can speak to local market nuances, expectations and best practices;
  • Consultation to better understand goals, challenges and opportunities in new markets;
  • A report of findings (inconsistencies, type challenges and opportunities); and
  • A proposed plan and timeline of suggested next steps

Digital Discovery 

Monotype’s new Digital Discovery service helps companies identify issues associated with font rendering and performance in virtually any digital display environment. Consistent font rendering in these environments can greatly impact consumer engagement, conversion, usability and loyalty.

In the case of a global streaming provider in the U.S., the Monotype Studio was able to identify an issue where its closed caption titling was causing major buffering issues – thereby negatively impacting the customer experience. Monotype worked with the client to modify the subtitling process with a Unicode text solution that resulted in a more legible closed captioning experience, while dramatically decreasing the bandwidth required to stream the content. 

With the new Digital Discovery service, experts from the Monotype Studio can help identify ways to:

  • Improve end-user readability on eReaders, tablets and other digital displays;
  • Create clear text experiences for wearable devices; and 
  • Deliver efficient and consistent rendering for multiple languages within screen constraints for digital displays. 

Digital Discovery consists of a one-week “discovery” process by Monotype Studio experts, who develop a full understanding of client systems and pain points, work to formulate a technical solution, and then document and present the solution to the brand. 

For more information about the professional services offered by the Monotype Studio, visit here, or contact Monotype to learn more.

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