New Brand Type Assessment Service from the Monotype Studio Helps Brands Determine Impact and Value of their Current Typography System

Press Release

Press Release

Company extends services offerings that range from advising on type impact to designing bespoke typefaces


WOBURN, Mass.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today expanded its professional services offerings from the Monotype Studio to better help brands define, design and express their voices through type. The services range from advising on type aesthetics, to designing typefaces, to analyzing the performance and management of type across an enterprise. Monotype services are valuable to both brands and agencies looking to take advantage of typographic insights and expertise.

Services from the Monotype Studio include:

  • Brand Type Assessments : For companies in the early stages of a rebrand, undertaking new product or service launches, or repositioning in the face of new competitive pressures, a brand type assessment should be the first step. Experts from the Monotype Studio will:
    • Determine the consistency, relevance and impact of a brand’s voice;
    • Review the effectiveness of sizing, color, contrast, legibility, scalability, global and style cohesiveness and consistency across consumer touchpoints;
    • Evaluate the health and strength of key competitors’ type systems; and
    • Gauge the performance of font data to determine brand consistency and clean rendering of type across all environments.
  • Modified Type Design : For companies looking to refresh or modernize their brand identity without a complete overhaul of their type system, the Monotype Studio can refashion existing typefaces to better capture the personality and originality of a brand.
  • Custom Type Design : Brands that are looking to develop a unique visual voice can work with the Monotype Studio on a bespoke typeface. The design and technical expertise of the Monotype Studio will help ensure the custom type is aligned with the essence of the brand, easy to deploy and looks its best across all platforms.
  • Font Library Navigation: For brands looking to discover and license new type designs as either a new brand font or secondary font, Monotype experts can help navigate its library of 14,000 battle-tested designs to determine best fit, form and function. Monotype type designers can help pair new typefaces within an existing brand infrastructures, determine ideal options for expanding into new geographies and advise on critical elements like legibility.

“Brands of all sizes and industries face challenges when it comes to optimizing typography—whether it’s the actual design itself, or something more complex like legibility or language support in new geographies. The Monotype Studio has more than 1,000 collective years of experience in looking at the entire lifecyle of a typeface from design to performance to managing fonts within an enterprise organization,” said Deb Gonet, Vice President of Type at Monotype. “As we expand the services we offer, and build on the breadth of our IP and solutions, we’ll continue to help brands better navigate and capitalize on the value that type can bring to their organization.”

For more information about the professional services offered by the Monotype Studio, visit here, or contact Monotype to learn more.

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