Monotype Announces Winners of Inaugural Type Champions Award Program Recognizing Commitment to Typographic Excellence

Press Release

Press Release

Panel of global branding experts select 12 companies that make type and creativity an innovative and central element of the brand experience

ADOBE MAX, LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Monotype today announced the winners of the inaugural Type Champions Award recognizing and celebrating brands that are committed to excellence in design and typography. The winners were selected by a panel of global branding experts who evaluated the role of typography in building brand messages, marketing and advertising efforts and overall customer experiences.

The 2019 Type Champions include: 

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  • Alibaba Group
  • Audi
  • Dropbox
  • Juventus
  • Mailchimp
  • Ogilvy
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Squarespace
  • The Guardian
  • The New School
  • The New York Times

To learn more about the winners and their projects, visit the Type Champions Award site or AIGA Eye on Design, the official media sponsor of the Type Champions Award program. More information will also be delivered throughout the day at the Adobe MAX conference, in the Monotype booth (#801). To join the conversation about the Type Champions Award program, search #TypeChampions2019 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What the Type Champions Award expert judges said:

  • “Type is the visual expression of the brand’s voice, it sets the tone before reading a word. Brands that understand this think beyond the functional role type plays, and focus on how type and voice combine to engage people in subtle and surprising ways. Today, more people interact with type on a daily basis than ever before, and with that comes the need for well-crafted and thoughtfully applied type. Type in this new era needs to unify the varied experiences people have with a brand, and adapt seamlessly to each channel and application.” — Rodney Abbott, Senior Partner, Lippincott
  • “When designers make it clear, beautiful and vivid, typography powerfully amplifies both meaning and understanding. It turns information into words, stories and ideas. As our world can now be shaped and reshaped daily, 140 letters a time, what we say, why we say it and how we say it is more important than ever.” — Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of COLLINS
  • “Typography is essential for today’s brands. It is a scalable and flexible tool that easily creates consistency and attraction for all communications. More so, it is the voice in which consumer’s hear when making split second judgements.” — Blake Howard, Founder of Creative Mornings and Co-Founder Creative Director at Matchstic
  • “As the interactions between brands and audiences have proliferated and attention spans have reduced - the need for immediate brand recognition through differentiation and the flexibility of how brands are expressed have come under pressure. Font design has the unique duality of not only building instant recognition, but also enabling that recognition to permeate the myriad of experiences that brands have to create and manage today.” — Andy Payne, Global Chief Creative Officer at Interbrand Group.
  • “Typography represents an emotion, and it is the visual representation of what a brand stands for across the entire brand system. We’ve chosen the award winners across a variety of criteria: innovation, use of type, global brand consistency, and future-proofing.” — Brett Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer at Monotype.

The complete list of judges for the 2019 Type Champions Award included:

  • Rodney Abbot, Senior Partner, Lippincott
  • Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, COLLINS
  • Kirsten Dietz, Founder and Partner, Strichpunkt Design
  • Chris Do, Founder, The Futur
  • Perrin Drumm, Founder and Director, AIGA Eye on Design
  • James Fooks-Bale, Creative Director, Monotype
  • Mohamed Gaber, Founder, Kief Type Foundry
  • Blake Howard, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Matchstic
  • Patrick Märki, Managing Director, KMS Team
  • Josh Miles, Chief Marketing Officer of SMPS and Host of Obsessed Show
  • Abbott Miller, Partner, Pentagram
  • Charles Nix, Type Director, Monotype
  • Alejandro Paul, Type Designer, Co-Founder, Sudtipos
  • Andy Payne, Global Chief Creative Officer, Interbrand
  • Brett Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer, Monotype

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