The Neuroscience of type @ Adobe MAX with Monotype.

Come say hi at the Monotype booth 😊


Design Lab.

Want to experience the emotional power of type for yourself? Stop by Monotype’s lab and try on EEG headset which tracks your emotional responses to a series of typographic inputs. Walk away with your own printed and emailed brainwave summary showing your emotional response to each typeface. 


Brand Yourself.

Come try out Monotype Fonts’ creative search feature to find a typeface that’s uniquely you. After choosing a typeface, you’ll get to design your own custom sticker and print it on a 6-sticker template. 


Inspiration Wall.

Get your creative juices flowing on our inspiration wall. One side will become a collage of personal stickers, the other side is a canvas to show off your hand lettering skills (hey, no one’s judging) with chalk pens. 


Design Bar.

Our Design Bar will be home to a variety of creative workshops and demonstrations throughout Adobe MAX. Topics include: a Branding Words workshop, a Basic Lettering workshop, Variable Fonts demonstrations and a Graffiti & Hand Lettering workshop.  



Join our breakout session.

Neuroscience Behind the Emotional Power of Typography. 

Designers all know by now that type is a powerful tool that affects how people feel, but how can they improve their graphic design choices with that understanding? Monotype recently partnered with applied neuroscience company Neurons to put their deepest held beliefs to the test and uncover the power of type. Join this session to learn how typeface choice can boost positive consumer response by up to 13%. 

You’ll discover these study-based findings and more: 

  • The subconscious, emotional impact of type 

  • How type influences the response to taglines and slogans 

  • Real-world examples of how type drives experiences, associations, and feelings 

  • How to select typefaces that evoke the right feelings 

Tuesday, Oct 18th 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM PDT 

Monotype x Neurons GIF HQ