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Experiment endlessly, iterate constantly

Mosaic lets designers experiment and execute with Monotype’s library of over 2,500 font families in multiple languages and environments, including some of the world’s best and most popular typefaces. There’s nothing standing between your brand and the perfect design.

  • Growing library of 2500+ familes

  • Suggested similar fonts

  • Expert curated font collections

Adaptable fonts and technology

Focus on the future

SST - English


SST - Thai

تحدث مثل محلي

SST - Arabic

No one can truly predict how the digital landscape will change in the future, but we’re constantly updating our library and capabilities so you can stay one step ahead. And whether you’re already a global brand or have aspirations of expanding to new regions, we have you covered: Our library covers 95% of the world’s most commonly spoken languages.

  • Broad language support

  • New releases every month

  • Built for desktop and Web

Simple collaborative tools

Make haste, not waste

Your fonts are accessed from a single, central location, so your team and external partners can easily find and share the right fonts for each project. This makes it easy to respond in real-time to market changes and customer engagement opportunities without sacrificing visual unity.

  • Instantly available in all of your tools

  • Installed fonts available offline

  • One Web application

image of a laptop showing the app

Straight forward font organization

Design in unison,
unity in design

Mosaic ensures everyone on your team has access to the fonts they need, whenever they need them. You can group fonts by project, mood, team, or virtually any criteria, giving designers multiple access options to get all the fonts they need. The result is a unified visual identity across all products, platforms, and devices, plus peace of mind that you can experiment with any of the fonts within the service.

image of a laptop, imac and phone showing the app
  • Organize fonts into lists and favorites

  • Organize lists into projects

  • Share lists & projects with your team

Centralized admin tools

Customize, organize, harmonize

Administrative tasks related to your fonts are completed through Mosaic. We’ve made it easy to onboard new users, assign rights for both internal and external users, and add or test new fonts.

  • Keep track of your usage

  • Customise your companies workflow

  • Organize your users & teams

Let’s go…

Let’s talk about your brand and how Mosaic can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fonts are included? Can I use them all?

Mosaic customers have full access to experiment with Monotype’s library of 2500+ font families on any project they’re working on (including those in global languages and markets). You can also choose from a variety of different licensing options that enable distribution/production rights across multiple use cases & channels. You can also organize and share fonts with internal and external stakeholders through lists, projects, or groups based on style, project, mood, or however you see fit.

Which font licenses are included? Can I use them in print, on my website, or in a digital ad?

Yes, yes, and yes! Our licensing structure allows you license and use fonts across virtually any consumer touchpoint, including electronic and printed materials, ebooks, mobile & AR/VR apps, email marketing and digital ads, websites, servers, and more. We’ll review your current and future needs, then work with you to develop a comprehensive licensing structure.

How many people at my company can access the library?

Mosaic starts at 10 seats and scales to meet the needs of your organization. We will work with you to determine the number of user seats on your subscription, and you can always remove or add new users when necessary. You can also assign seats to your external partners and agencies.

Is it easy to get set up and working? And what about single sign-on systems (SSO)?

Yes to both. Mosaic is a simple, customizable cloud-based service your team can access from anywhere in the world. It’s compatible with single sign-on systems (SSO), which reduces the need for heavy lifting from your IT team. Most enterprise customers can go live within a few weeks.

What happens after I become a customer? How often will I hear from Monotype?

We’ll keep you informed via email communication of any major updates or changes to our service. We will also update our font software as customer preferences change and new opportunities arise. You can expect Mosaic to grow with you, so you can feel prepared for whatever lies ahead. We’re constantly adding new fonts and font collections and sharing engaging thought leadership content within the service too.

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