Monotype Fonts recognized as a Leader in Font Management by G2

Press Release

Monotype Fonts recognized as a Leader in Font Management by G2

Press Release

Monotype Fonts recognized as a Leader in Font Management by G2

WOBURN, Mass, October 4, 2022 – Monotype Fonts is leading the industry with a new take on font subscription. Offering over 40,000 fonts, unlimited prototyping, and innovative font management, Monotype has caught the attention of both businesses and individual creatives.

For the second quarter in a row, Monotype Fonts has been awarded the Leader in Font Management badge by G2. Leaders in the grid demonstrate significant market presence and receive high marks from user reviews.

Users ranked Monotype Fonts #1 in the following categories:  

  • Likelihood to Recommend 

  • Font Sync 

  • Categorization 

Customers have also recognized Monotype Fonts as a leader in user satisfaction, ease of use, installation, and market presence. Users were also 89 percent more likely to recommend Monotype Fonts than any other software in the grid, the highest ranking on this list.

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

“Having access to thousands of quality, legal font files in one place is very convenient, especially at an agency where font licenses are not always easy to find.”

-User in Design, Mid-Market

“I love the selection of the fonts as well as the examples provided on the website which are a great source of inspiration. The customer service team has been extremely helpful and attending one of the talks changed the way i think about typography.”

-Digital Designer, Small Business

“Now we have unlimited desktops to use and one license to cover all of our uses from Apps, to digital ads to websites. This makes our legal team happy and we have a bigger library as well as a method to distribute these fonts. It’s much easier assigning fonts to a project and the files can be downloaded directly from the site. This is a game changer for enterprise companies like ours. Review collected by and hosted on”

-Computer Software, Enterprise

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About G2:

G2 is a helpful comparison tool for individuals, companies, and analysts who require the best software to achieve their goals. Products and businesses that rank on the G2 Grid for Font Management have gathered ten or more reviews or ratings in the past three months. Customer satisfaction includes popularity, statistical significance, satisfaction with end user-focused products, the quality of reviews received, the age of reviews, overall customer satisfaction, and a net promoter score (NPS).  

Potential customers who want to view and compare font management software can do so in this free version of the Fall 2022 G2 Font Management Report. This report includes the following: 

  • Rankings based on validated customer feedback 

  • Insights to help individuals and companies select the software that fits their needs best 

  • Detailed information on each competitor