Acclaimed Colophon Foundry Joins Monotype Family

Press Release

Acclaimed Colophon Foundry Joins Monotype Family

Press Release

Acclaimed Colophon Foundry Joins Monotype Family

  • Award-winning and innovative Colophon Foundry brings its talented team, custom design expertise, type technology and tools, and its library of 85 font families to Monotype. 

LONDON, UK, December 19th, 2023Monotype, a global leader in type and technology, announced today that the international award-winning Colophon Foundry has joined the Monotype family. Founded in 2009 by Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington, Colophon is known for having its finger on the cultural pulse of the design world. The London-based foundry is renowned for its bespoke type design for global brands, its library of 85 type families, a talented team of eight world-class creatives, and innovative type technology tools.  
Colophon’s impressive reputation within the design industry is reflected in its outstanding portfolio of custom work with notable brands across the globe, including Burger King, Canva, Cadillac, Twickenham, and Central Saint Martins. In 2021, Colophon created the readable and quirky Canva Sans custom type for global graphic design platform Canva. For British art school Central Saint Martins in 2018-2019, Colophon created a dynamic multi-personality typeface that called to the school’s past, present, and future, using a pseudo-random script to create an unpredictable mix of typeface forms.  
The Colophon library includes 85 font families, many available in variable format.  
In 2010, Colophon released Aperçu, a contemporary font that references classic realist typefaces, which has gained widespread popularity among some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including adoption by New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The Colophon catalogue offers modern classics that feel both historically rooted and contemporary, including Basis Grotesque, Fann Grotesque, Fortescue, Value Sans, and Value Serif. 

The Monotype Studio has long admired the work of Colophon, some of which we have included in our annual Trends report. The team has a well-deserved reputation in the design world, and I am very excited to be welcoming this talented team to Monotype, broadening both our capabilities and our reach,” says Tom Rickner, Senior Director of the Monotype Studio.  
Colophon’s team includes founder and managing director Anthony Sheret, founder and creative director Edd Harrington, and a team of six creatives. Passionate about typography and design, this talented team of eight will join Monotype, each bringing their own unique skills and approach.  
Founders Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington are creative powerhouses in the font community, driving the conversation with their collaborative and independent initiatives in publishing, editing, curation, exhibitions, and teaching on font and design.  
We are excited about the prospect of contributing to the next chapter of Colophon Foundry within Monotype. This isn’t a goodbye; it’s a continuation of our journey together, with fresh opportunities for collaboration and innovation,” says Colophon Co-Founder Anthony Sheret. 
We have always been fascinated by the idea that our work and contribution can stretch far beyond our reach, and we see that amplifying within the organisation of Monotype. The resources offered within Monotype will allow Colophon to truly thrive and continue producing world-class typographic solutions alongside being at the forefront of technological developments.” says Colophon Co-Founder Edd Harrington. 
Monotype’s CEO Ninan Chacko says, “As Monotype strives to keep type at the heart of creative culture, joining forces with Colophon seemed like a natural fit. We have long admired Colophon’s immense creativity and ability to leverage premium type to drive storytelling across brands, creatives, and type users. We are thrilled to be welcoming them to the Monotype team and to continue Colophon’s long history and track record of building impactful custom type for global brands.” 

Named as an homage to printmaking, Colophon comes from the historical title for a printer’s statement at the beginning or end of a book on the authorship, printing, and typefaces found within its pages. As Colophon turns the page to its next chapter with Monotype, the teams will work together to raise the global profile of type. 

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