Monotype Celebrates Early Success and New Brand Wins with Hoefler&Co.


Monotype Celebrates Early Success and New Brand Wins with Hoefler&Co.


Monotype Celebrates Early Success and New Brand Wins with Hoefler&Co.

Adding more than 1,100 original typeface designs and expertise from revered industry leaders, Monotype is solving design challenges for global brands

WOBURN, Mass., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/Monotype provided an update today, six months after announcing the acquisition of Hoefler&Co, a prominent type foundry based in New York City. Hoefler&Co is responsible for some of the world’s most popular typefaces, including Gotham, Knockout, Mercury, Sentinel, Chronicle, Decimal, and Archer. The full Hoefler&Co library remains available to the creative community through Now, it is also accessible to global brands through Monotype Fonts, which combines the world’s largest collection of award-winning type, expertise from the most sought-after foundries and type designers, and trusted and secure font management.

“Receiving the keys to a typeface library like Hoefler&Co is a humbling experience,” said Monotype CEO Ninan Chacko. “The body of work is simply stunning, full of iconic, exquisite designs admired the world over, and we take our role as stewards of that library very seriously. It has been a privilege to welcome the Hoefler&Co team to Monotype and share their work with our customers.”

The acquisition has opened up new avenues for the Hoefler&Co library by making those typefaces available to Monotype Fonts customers from a range of industries, including entertainment, consumer projects, automotive, and philanthropic spaces. LSC Communications and Panera Bread are just a few of many industry-leading brands have already adopted Hoefler&Co fonts through Monotype Fonts, adding new layers of visual expression to their customer experiences under a single agreement.

Monotype has also made it a priority to support critical causes through the Hoefler&Co library. Last month, Monotype announced a partnership with Lippincott to help reimagine the brand identity for NYC Pride, the trademark event of Heritage of Pride, with a recognized legacy of unity, protest, advocacy, and fun. Monotype provided two typefaces, Knockout and Gotham, from the Hoefler&Co library.

Knockout and Gotham lend a bold and direct yet warm appearance to the new visual identity, aligning with the group’s new brand purpose: “To inspire and empower every LGBTQIA person to proudly love and live their truth.” Monotype is thrilled to see these two expressive typefaces working on behalf of this cause.

The world’s largest foundry becomes even more experienced.

As a part of the acquisition in September 2021, the Hoefler&Co team was integrated with Monotype, adding a robust tenure of experience and industry expertise to the Monotype Studio. Since that time, the team has made an impact across the organization and for key brand customers.

The integrated Studio team is now working on three exciting typeface releases later in 2022, which will be the first Hoefler&Co typefaces completed as a part of Monotype.

“When we acquired Hoefler&Co, we knew we were getting more than an amazing library of typefaces,” said Chacko. “The Hoefler&Co team brought invaluable talent and knowledge to Monotype, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have them here.”

“I have spent the past thirteen years at Hoefler&Co working with people who are supremely knowledgeable and passionate about typography and serious about its essential role in design. With the transition to Monotype, that number has only grown,” said Brian Hennings, Creative Director, Monotype. “There are so many people here who live and breathe type, want to talk about it, write about it, appreciate it, and spend their lives making it. I’m honored and proud to be amongst such talent.”

“Joining Monotype has been a major shift in scale after so many years as part of the small-but-mighty team at Hoefler&Co, and it’s a privilege to be working alongside the kind, welcoming, and talented group of people that make up the Monotype Studio,” added Sara Soskolne, Creative Type Director at Monotype. “It’s also meaningful for me to help our library reach and thrive within this broader audience.”

Monotype continues to create value for the type industry, for brands, and for the design community. If you are a foundry and would like to discuss ways to make your typography more accessible, please contact us at [email protected].

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