The ITC Franklin Gothic™ family embodies true American grit: it’s square-jawed and strong-armed, yet soft-spoken. If Bruce Springsteen were a typeface, he would be ITC Franklin Gothic. The family suite of typefaces is large and adaptable – and is as well-suited to web content and small screens, as it is to billboards and hard copy display ads.

The ITC Franklin Gothic is a reimagining of Franklin Gothic, a design that dates back to 1902. It retains the personality and character of the original typeface, with only a slight increase in x-height and character width to distinguish it from the first version. Although newer typeface families such as Helvetica®, Univers® and Frutiger® have the same basic proportions and attributes as Franklin Gothic, the similarity ends there. ITC Franklin Gothic retains all the strength and vitality typical of early American sans serif typefaces.

Main Emphasis
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True American grit.