What are font superfamilies and why do we need them?

Font superfamilies are vast collections of type that can meet a multitude of needs without compromising on consistency. But what defines a superfamily, exactly?


从图灵到谷歌翻译,Julia Errens 追溯了机器增强翻译的历程。

Behind the creation of FS Renaissance, with Craig Black and Pedro Arilla.

FS Renaissance is a handcrafted display font where each letter stands alone as a piece of art. Craig and Pedro recently shared their perspective on the concepts and creative process behind FS Renaissance.

How the pandemic made fonts friendlier.

Creative Type Director, Phil Garnham, spoke with the Economist in May about the impact the pandemic has had on typography. With such an unprecedented year we’ve had, Phil uncovers how this period has evolved fonts to become friendlier to their audiences. 

从 TrueType GX 到可变字体。

经验丰富的字体设计师 Tom Rickner,分享了他在字体最令人兴奋的发展最初几十年中的个人角色。



What’s behind the rise of ‘quirky’ serifs?

Sans serifs have long dominated the world of corporate branding, but some companies are going for a different look: Fun, funky serifs. What’s behind the change?