Creative Characters S3 E4: Making the Monotype Type Trends report with Terrance Weinzierl and Emilios Theofanous.

Creative Characters S3 E4 Making the Trends Report with Terrance Weinzierl and Emilios Theofanous
It’s a snapshot of this river of design that’s flowing full-speed in front of us, the internet is democratic in that way. Anyone, anywhere can be heard and can be seen.

Terrance Weinzierl. 

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This week, we take you behind the scenes of one of Monotype’s biggest, and most anticipated campaigns of the year: the annual Type Trends report. Tune in to hear from the report’s curators, Creative Type Directors Terrance Weinzierl and Emilios Theofanous on their experiences producing the report. Why do people make trends reports? What does the curation process entail? How do cultural and societal shifts influence patterns in typography and design? What should creatives do with this information?



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