Joanna Sans Nova

Joanna Sans Nova®

La série Eric Gill


  • Terrance Weinzierl


  • Studio Monotype

The Eric Gill Series is a collection of 77 fonts in three families: Gill Sans® Nova, Joanna® Nova and Joanna Sans Nova. All the typefaces are derived from the original work of the influential British artist Eric Gill (1882-1940), acclaimed in his lifetime as a sculptor, letter-cutter and type designer. These are contemporary digital typefaces – with a wide range of weights, alternate characters and extended language support – that pay homage to Gill’s original designs.


Terrance Weinzierl

Terrance Weinzierl

As a Senior Type Designer in the Monotype Studio, Terrance Weinzierl has been creating and modifying typefaces for the Monotype Library and a wide range of brands since 2008. In addition to working on custom projects for Microsoft, Google, Barnes & Noble, Domino’s and SAP, he’s designed type for video games, professional sports teams and auto manufacturers.

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A stackable typeface for Domino’s Pizza.

Monotype designer Terrance Weinzierl delivered a taste of modern Americana to Domino’s, with his modular, multi-weight Pizza Press typeface.

De Neue à Now : Helvetica évolue pour le 21e siècle

De nombreuses agences et designers se sont habitués à la Neue Helvetica, sortie en 1983. Mais elle provient de l’ère de l’analogique. Voici quatre raisons pour lesquelles le moment est venu de passer à Helvetica Now, née à l’ère du numérique.