Type Reinvented

Pushing out against the boundaries of type and technology, Monotype has collaborated with generative art and design studio FIELD to produce a trio of experimental installations for three of Europe’s most influential professional events.

These all play with the idea of typography as an emotive, responsive and adaptive means of communication – important traits that Monotype continues to explore with its own research and development, and its conversations and relationships with creative professionals, educators, global brands and technology companies.

Responsive Energy


Sensual Power

Sensual Power



Sensual Power explores the role type design plays in the world of fashion, with the motion-controlled artwork resolving from outlines into glyphs and words that highlight – in the form of interactive posters – the sophisticated craftsmanship of some of our most treasured typefaces.

Le Book is the reference publication for the luxury sector. At Le Book’s premier annual event in Paris, the first of Monotype and FIELD’s collaborations was unveiled to inspire an audience that expects luxury.

“Demonstrating the sophisticated craftsmanship of luxury type”




Glyph.Index is a colourful journey through a vast array of over 35,000 Unicode glyphs that reveal the complexity and variety of modern type. The artwork is a celebration of the global community’s cultural diversity, told through rhythmical, shifting patterns.

Resonate is a six-day festival exploring the place of technology in art and culture. The festival, which takes place in Belgrade, brings together artists, thinkers, makers and technologists.

“Celebrating the complexity of global communication”

Responsive Energy

Cannes Lions


This year one of the festival’s focal points will be Responsive Energy, an installation that explores typefaces in context with space, material and light. In a percussive sequence, shifting letter shapes showcase the flexibility and emotional impact of type, taking it beyond the flat page and screen and into reimagined worlds.

Not only do its awards help set the benchmark for professional creativity, but Cannes Lions is one of the world’s most inspirational creative networking events, once a year transforming Cannes into a global meeting place for anyone engaged in advertising, marketing, design and media.

“Exploring type’s relationship with space, material and light”