Mapping SDK delivers more legible text to GPU-enabled platforms

Mapping Enhancements SDK

The readability of text within maps is key to the user's experience and overall utility of the mapping system. Enhance the legibility of international text while improving performance with OpenGL ES graphics hardware acceleration. Our mapping enhancements are designed to reduce CPU usage and graphics texture memory while delivering the level of performance that users have come to expect from their maps.

Benefits of the Mapping Enhancement SDK

  • Quality - Through the Mapping Enhancements SDK, you have access to what we believe is the best selection of highly legible typefaces, the best rendering and shaping, and the best language support available in a single mapping solution.

  • Memory Efficiency - Through the Mapping Enhancements SDK, your device’s memory footprint may be reduced, potentially reducing cost, as the device is able to utilize that memory for other system functions/applications.

  • Performance - Devices are able to maximize utilization of their graphics processor and potentially reduce CPU load, allowing more bandwidth to be used for other tasks – or even allowing the mapping software to run on a lower-end CPU to reduce costs.

  • Scalability - With a scalable architecture, you may utilize the Mapping Enhancements SDK on any platform, including those that are hardware accelerated and those that are not. The Mapping Enhancements SDK supports both, so you are not required to split your code base.

  • Ease-of-integration - The Mapping Enhancements SDK contains a library of functions dedicated to creating text labels in a map, a demonstration application, sample code, documentation and technical support. The Mapping Enhancements SDK helps you enhance your mapping solution and do so with minimal time and resource investment.

  • Flexibility - The Mapping Enhancements SDK features the unique ability to tune text rendering output at all stages of the workflow – from design to implementation and even by your customers, if desired.