Toshi Omagari.
Senior Type Designer.

In his words.

When you look at typefaces, they often aren’t as beautiful as you might remember. The perfect version of a typeface exists in your memory; typeface revival is a process of its visualization.

With a focus on multilingual typography, Senior Type Designer Toshi Omagari has created fonts for several major brands and worked on some of Monotype’s most recent major type releases. He is a regular speaker at events like ATypI, sharing his experience and insights on multilingual type design.

Toshi joined Monotype in 2012, after studying typography at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and completing an MA in typeface design at the University of Reading. With a keen interest in font development, Omagari has worked on several major type projects for Monotype including resurrecting a ‘lost’ typeface to create Neue Haas Unica and updating the hand of WA Dwiggins to create Metro Nova. He’s also designed a fashion-led branding typeface for H&M, and created a font for Sir Quentin Blake that borrowed on the illustrator’s own idiosyncratic handwriting.

He also designed the Tibetan script for the Google Noto project, and spearheaded the design for The Wolpe Collection.

Toshi Omagari