Steve Matteson, Creative Type Director, pioneers legibility research projects and mentors young designers

Steve Matteson

Responsible for Open Sans – a typeface with more page views than the notorious Gangnam Style – Steve Matteson has been designing fonts for almost three decades. He’s worked behind the scenes on versions of some of the most well-known typefaces in the world, and specializes in digital type design.

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing, Steve Matteson developed his interest in the technical side of type design, working extensively with hinting technology. In 1990 he joined Monotype to work on the core TrueType fonts for Windows including Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. With a focus on exemplary digital design, Matteson has developed several fonts for on-screen use – including e-reading typefaces for Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and designs for Google’s Android operating system. He’s also completed several corporate branding projects, including work for Microsoft and Google, and oversaw the recent Eric Gill Series revival.

  • Designer of humanist sans serif Open Sans, which has been featured in more than 17 million websites
  • Worked hand-in-hand with Google and a network of international designers on the Noto family, an unprecedented typeface which includes more than 800 languages
  • Directed the release of the Eric Gill Series superfamily, which includes new designs and updated editions of typefaces from the 1920s and 30s
  • Lectures frequently about the Goudy legacy, and has completed several digital revivals of Goudy typefaces

Gill Sans Nova™

Letters are things, not pictures of things|

Joanna Nova™

Free from all fancy business|

Joanna Sans Nova™

A Swiss burger in an English pub|

In his words

“Hand setting type is so fundamental to designing type, but even more so in the practice of using type. The notion of space is physical — not just visual.”