Malou Verlomme, Senior Type Designer, works on major bespoke font projects by the Monotype Studio

Malou Verlomme

With an extensive background that includes working with Hoefler & Frere-Jones and the Oxford University Press, Malou Verlomme brings a decade of design experience to Monotype’s custom type collaborations.

Verlomme studied graphic design at the École Supérieure d'Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, before earning a masters with distinction in typeface design at Reading University in 2005. He’s worked on various projects for a range of clients – which has seen him collaborate with major names in the type world – and is a regular speaker at conferences. In addition to designing his own award-winning typefaces, Verlomme has led workshops and taught aspiring designers in Paris. Working with Transport for London, Verlomme was part of the Monotype team that remastered the 100-year-old Johnston typeface

  • Designed the Johnston100 typeface for Transport for London, alongside Nadine Chahine
  • Co-founder of independent foundry LongType, which operates on a subscription model
  • His typeface Camille has the honor of being part of the collection at France’s Centre National des Arts Plastiques

In his words

“Obviously it was quite tricky reworking this typeface, because it has such a deep and emotional relationship with the public, and with designers. So I hope that it will be seen as something both fairly new and, at the same time, respectful of the original intentions.”