Type designer Lynne Yun uses her calligraphic and lettering expertise in a range of bespoke type projects and font releases

Lynne Yun

Bringing experience in the ad industry and the world of hand lettering to her work Lynne Yun takes a unique approach to typeface design.

Lynne Yun studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts, but caught the bug for type after working on a project at Apple that required a lot of font manipulation, and attention to intricate detail.

Yun worked as a freelance designer while completing a year studying a post-graduate course in type at Cooper Union, before joining New York ad agency Deutsch. Lettering has remained a source of fascination, with Yun still working on calligraphic projects – which fed into her approach to type design.

As well as her day job, Yun is a board member for the Society of Scribes in New York, where she heads up its scholarship program. She also teaches at various organizations and conferences, with the aim of helping up-and-coming graphic designers gain an understanding of the history of type, and the craftsmanship that’s formed its heritage.

  • Launched the scholarship programme at non-profit organization Society of Scribes
  • Teaches several workshops themed around hand-lettering, with a focus on raising awareness of typographic history
  • Worked at Apple, Publicis and Deutsch before specializing in typeface design
  • Has collaborated with brands including Samsung, London Book Review, and Anheuser-Busch

In her words

“At a certain point you can’t find answers in books or on the internet and you have to find out for yourself. I think that’s what keeps me going, because there’s no all-encompassing manual for letterforms.”