Jelle Bosma.
Senior Type Designer.

Jelle Bosma is a Senior Type Designer for Monotype. He joined the company in 1992 as the leader of the TrueType team, and since then, his role has evolved and influenced many aspects of the ever-changing type landscape.

He developed tools to edit TrueType outlines and font tables; he designed the Latin component of the Cambria typeface following Microsoft’s introduction of ClearType; he led the development of Nokia’s corporate font set; and he’s worked to ensure the proper performance of fonts appearing on e-reader devices. More recently, Jelle has been involved with the Google Noto project, where he designed a regular and bold weight for the nine main scripts of India and the Sinhala script of Sri Lanka for Noto Sans. He then extended those families to cover a range of weights from Thin to Black and widths from Extra Condensed to Normal, which is something that nobody had previously accomplished. Prior to his time at Monotype, Jelle worked for Scangraphic, a manufacturer of typesetting systems, where he maintained quality control. He studied graphic and typographic design at the KABK The Hague, where he designed WTC Cursivium in his final year of study.

Custom typefaces.

Jelle Bosma