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Let Forever Be - The Chemical Brothers

Peter Bankov

It’s not often you see Monotype’s Gill Sans® typeface looking like this. Peter Bankov’s interpretation of The Chemical Brothers’ 1999 hit swaps clean, sans-serif lines for a jagged finish, creating a colourful and energetic design that shines with his recognisable style.

Technique: Digital design
Type: Gill Sans®, Monotype

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

Bread Collective

If you’re given an iconic track like Sledgehammer as inspiration, you’re probably going to take the opportunity to smash things. That’s exactly what Bread Collective did, with cracking results. Wooden reliefs were made from the Glaser Stencil™ typeface, mounted on a board and cast in jesmonite, then smashed with a sledgehammer, before being reassembled and photographed.

Technique: Photograph
Type: Glaser Stencil™, Linotype; ITC New Baskerville®, ITC

Go - The Maccabees

The Counter Press

Old and new techniques collide in The Counter Press’s interpretation of The Maccabees’ atmospheric track, resulting in a deceptively simple letterpress design with depth in the detail. Using the physical record to form the ‘O’ in the track name, they set about finding a complementary typeface for the ‘G’, settling on the geometric curves of FF Super Grotesk®, laser cut to match in size perfectly.

Technique: Letterpress
Type: FF Super Grotesk®, FontFont; Monotype Caslon Series 128

Born Slippy (NUXX) - Underworld

Felix Pfäffli

It’s quite a journey from Felix Pfäffli’s starting point of the Regatta Condensed™ typeface to the finished product, but his kaleidoscopic interpretation of Underworld’s dance classic captures the chaotic feel of the track perfectly.

Technique: Digital design
Type: Regatta Condensed™, ITC

Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones

Erik Spiekermann

Using only prefabricated letters and printing by hand on one machine, Erik Spiekermann’s choice of the Fanfare™ typeface provides an ominous feel that reflects the theme of the Stones’ track, while the gold circle of dead petals holds hidden detail: the design was created by taking smaller versions of the same characters, turning the blocks around and printing with the backs.

Technique: Letterpress
Type: Fanfare™, Louis Oppenheim

Digital Witness - St. Vincent


Inspired by St. Vincent’s lyrics about our modern-day reliance on social media, Spin have taken the impactful British Inserat MN typeface and used it to eye-catching effect, creating a foil blocked blue finish on red stock that evokes memories of bright TV test cards and computer error screens.

Technique: Digital design
Type: British Inserat MN, Mecanorma Collection

Reflections - Diana Ross & The Supremes

Craig Ward

A literal interpretation of the 1967 Motown number, Craig Ward has presented the Futura® typeface with pinpoint precision by laser cutting it into mirrored acrylic and capturing the reflective results in a photograph.

Technique: Photograph
Type: Futura®, Linotype

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