Color is relative: designing for accessibility

What happens when the colors we pick to accentuate key tasks, relay info, and differentiate data aren't the colors the reader sees? Watch as our guest Geri Coady explains the ins and outs of color blindness; discusses its impact on UX; and offers advice on how to create beautiful and accessible designs.

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Geri Coady

Geri is a color-obsessed freelance designer and illustrator (and occasional photographer). Formerly based in St. John's, Newfoundland—the oldest and most Easterly city in North America—Geri has just recently hopped the Atlantic to settle in Nottingham, England. 

In 2013 she wrote A Pocket Guide to Color Accessibility for Five Simple Steps, and with over a decade on the design industry, past clients include A List Apart, Withings, Simply Accessible, and Scholastic UK. Geri has also appeared on stage at some of the industry's most well respected conferences, including FOWD, Reasons To Be Creative, and Beyond Tellerand.