Choosing your path to the perfect font

Watch as our Director of Product Design Jamie Neely takes us on a journey of font discovery—from the type choice crimes of his early projects, through his personal process today, and the methods he’s seen designers using during his years of user testing. He'll share three strategies for finding fonts, why classifications are less useful than we think, and how an awareness of your own habits can lead to better font choices.

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Jamie Neely

As Monotype's Director of Product Design, Jamie spends his days designing products that make it easier for designers to work with type—removing the frustrations and obstacles and making typography fun and creative again (like it should be). If you've used our Typecast tool to prototype web pages in the browser or integrated our Web Font Platform into your design authoring tool, you've seen his work.

In his previous life, Jamie was co-founder and creative director of the Belfast web design studio Front, whose clients included the BBC, Independent News & Media, and O2. He occassionaly treads the stage at design conferences, having spoken at TYPO and The Type Directors Club.