Need to Listen

Brands used to control the message

But not anymore.


of customers use multiple devices throughout
buying process


of consumers say consistency across
channels affects loyalty


of millennials expect a consistent experience

Now brands need to exist everywhere, simultaneously.

Customers no longer distinguish between
marketing channels.

It isn’t good enough to have a strong mobile experience and not meet those standards in your emails, for example.

Consumers switch devices constantly, sometimes using multiple devices at once--browsing the web while watching TV, for example. Brands need to deliver high-quality, consistent experiences in those moments.

Failing to do so risks losing the customer, and in an era of eroding consumer loyalty, that loss can be permanent.


of people expect clear, consistent,
familiar engagement with every interaction…

…but that’s easier said than done.


of brands think they’re doing
better at serving relevant ads

But only


of customers agree


Attention to detail matters.

Consistent font usage and responsive design keep the whole experience from
falling apart. Substituting system fonts for your brand fonts, for example,
degrades the experience and disrupts the natural flow consumers expect from
one device to another.


Personalization means more than just the words, "You might also like…"

It means truly allowing the customer to dictate the relationship. Brands need to listen to what individual consumers tell them, and respond with a relevant content. This means analyzing data, monitoring behavior, and being receptive to direct customer feedback.

Each brand’s outcome will be different. But all brands can create an intuitive, unified experience that delivers what the customer wants when and where they want it.

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