Creativity Never Quits

As any creative knows, you never truly stop working. Sometimes an idea hits while you’re walking the dog. Sometimes it comes while you’re sipping coffee or daydreaming about something else entirely. It’s all part of the process and, more importantly, the time you devote to your clients.

And in the time it takes to go for that walk or make a decent cup of coffee, you can pay for the fonts you need to turn that inspiration into work your clients will love. 10,000 premium fonts, including some of the most popular typefaces ever created, plus simple licensing, web fonts, and easy font sharing.

Inspiration can hit at any time. Be ready with the Monotype Library Subscription.


Less work, more walk

*Hoo boy, math time. Assuming a rate of $35/hr, it takes 17 minutes to earn $9.99. At $50/hr it takes 12 minutes, and at $100/hr it takes 7 minutes.

It’s all about connection

Monotype has the tools you need to build better connections with your customers across digital, print, social, mobile, and more, while future-proofing your brand against changes in technology.