All day,


The modern brand in action

Customers connect with your brand from the moment they wake up until the minute they fall asleep. This means it’s more crucial than ever for every touchpoint to work on every device and in every environment, from email to digital ads to print.

Good morning, smartphone

Most people can unlock their phone in their sleep. (Well, half-asleep, at least.) And many do:


of US smartphone users
check their phone within
15 minutes
of waking up.

The most popular
rise-and-shine apps? Messaging, email,
and social media,

of course.

In-transit distraction

Most people read personal
email on their phones—
nearly 50%
of all emails were opened
on a mobile device in 2016.

This means they could be connecting with your brand anywhere, at any time, and may only have a few seconds’ attention to spare.
So make sure your content is relevant, on brand, and responsive.

The boss isn’t looking (and does it too, anyway)

Whether it’s shopping, paying bills, or researching that next vacation, let’s be honest: We all sneak in some personal business while we’re on the clock.


of people shop online while
at work


use their personal smartphones or tablets to do so.



Millennials rely on social media as their primary resource for shopping research. Whether this means chatting with brands on messaging apps or following brands on social channels, customers have a direct line to –
and sometimes around – your

In-store deal hunting

Your brand needs to connect the dots between what people see online and the real thing. Using unified typography across all mediums—digital, print, signage, social­—is essential to connecting with your customers throughout the buying cycle.

Good night, tablet


of US smartphone users check their phone within
15 minutes
of going to bed.

Average users check their phones 47 times per day
and that number is higher for younger people.

Now sleep on this

Modern marketing is the art of building individual connections with individual customers. Achieving this means using all the tools at your disposal—typography, technology, and design—to create a unified experience that works across every customer touchpoint.

Brands need to be in the moment with their customers, so when they open their email or messaging app, browse your website or visit your brick-and-mortar, they feel as if they’ve never left.

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