Meet Trade Gothic Inline, a decorative family with five different voices

Designed as an accompaniment to Trade Gothic Next, Lynne Yun’s Trade Gothic Inline features five decorative weights that run the gamut from elegant type that’s barely there, to sturdy letterforms that can stand up to anything.

While Trade Gothic Next is a true workhorse type family, Trade Gothic Inline is a more catchy option, designed to inject some extra personality into projects. It works in absolute harmony with Trade Gothic Next, responding to a growing need for bigger type families that can handle a wider variety of environments and uses.

Designer Lynne Yun has preserved the character of Trade Gothic Next, but adapted it to work with the different inlines of each weight. While lighter weights have been designed with negative space in mind, darker weights have more slender inlines. “We perceive the visual weight as how much darkness we see,” explains Yun. “So if I kept the inlines the same, which I started with trying to do, it created a lot of visual noise. I wanted each weight to be different enough, so in the end the weight and width of the letters was increasing and decreasing in size, and the inlines were too. The black is almost like an extra black, because the inline is smaller. It's about trying to have different voices for each weight.”

While the heavier weights convey immediate impact – and obviously belong on posters, packaging, and other print projects – the lighter weights are surprisingly elegant. Their much thicker inlines result in more graceful lines, creating the sense that the letters are halfway to vanishing. Where the darker weights shout, these whisper.

“When I was making these I was trying to think about the letters as almost like a neon sign,” adds Yun. “I wanted the inlines to be wider, so it was apparent they were there, but at the same time I didn’t want it to fall apart. Keeping that balance was the main challenge. I also think that gives the lighter weights an almost retro vibe. Compared to a regular, solid typeface, it's almost like working with a different beat.”

Get the Trade Gothic Inline fonts

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